Temperature Water Bottle 500 ML LED
Temperature Water Bottle 500 ML LED
Temperature Water Bottle 500 ML LED

Temperature Water Bottle 500 ML LED

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Brilliant Neon the monitor: just swipe the top of the hard plastic water bottle lightly to instantly see how hot the water is so you don't get burned.
Description: A PP leak-proof elastomer ring has been incorporated into the lid of the LED Screen Tea Infuser Bottle. The vessel's intake is big and silky. It is also simple to clean and has an intake screen that eliminates contaminants.
with a capacity of The five hundred millilitre Smart Vacuum Flask keeps things warm or cold for a very long time, resulting in a useful travel companions for runners.

Insulating bottles of water have a cupped body made of double-layer metal that is vacuum insulated and carefully enamelled to ensure their durability.
MULTI-USE&PORTABLE SUPERIOR STAINLESMetal: The drinking vessel's body is formed from double-layer aluminium alloy that was then expertly anodized and vacuum insulated. It looks round and lovely, and it feels comfortable.

  1. Storage AND Insulate: The 17 oz. jug has an excellent thermal insulation effect, is time-flowing, warmed up swiftly, and is an ideal travel friend for runners.
    PERFECT DESIGN: A temperature sensor chip with intelligence has been inserted within the vessel's cover. A PP impermeable rubber ring is inserted inside the cover. The cup appears a big size, a smooth mouth that won't hurt your lips, is simple to clean, has a retractable filter net, which is and can remove residues like tea. The cup's bottom consists of a sturdy, non-slip matter that is difficult to remove.
    Information of500 ML 500 ML Brass Hot and Cold Vacuum Insulating Thermo Flask with Multilingual Temperatures Panel